Protection Measures for Visitors

Athens Olympic Museum

Health protection measures 

For safety reasons, the Athens Olympic Museum is operating with a controlled number of visitors, observing all health protection measures.

According to Government regulations (Government Gazette 4206/B/12-9-2021), for your entrance at the Athens Olympic Museum you should present one of the following documents and your ID (identification card or passport):

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Medical certificate of COVID19 infection valid up to 6 months

Children from 4 to 17 years old must provide a self - test declaration (24 hours).


During your visit to the Museum, please have in mind the following:

First of all, the personnel and visitors are checked by thermal cameras before entering the Museum (in all Golden Hall /Museum entrances). The use of a mask for all visitors and personnel is certainly obligatory, while it is necessary to use antiseptic solution (before and after coming in contact with all surfaces), available at the automatic electronic dispensers within the Museum.

In addition, we regularly disinfect all spaces, daily clean the Museum exhibition and public spaces, and constantly disinfect the WCs (every 30 minutes).

Finally, the air-conditioning units in the Museum function with 100% moist air inlet, without recirculation. It goes without saying that the Museum personnel supervises the compliance with the measures and takes steps to avoid the virus dispersion, checking the maximum number of visitors per area and preventing crowding.

Protection Measures for Visitors

During your visit, please make sure to keep in mind the following:

Regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer are required: hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the Museum.

The use of a protective mask is mandatory for all visitors.

The use of credit cards is encouraged in all financial transactions in the Museum.

Τhe required distance of 2 meters from others must be maintained at all times.

For group visits the number of participants should not exceed 8 people.