Summer Camp 2024

From July 17th and for 13 weeks, the most fun and adventurous Summer Camp is held by Αεί Φέρειν in cooperation with the Athens Olympic Museum.

The program of the AEI FEREIN Summer Camp at the Athens Olympic Museum offers to children the unique opportunity to learn about the values of Olympism, introduce them to the achievement of great athletes and Olympic medalists and motivate them to athletics. 

MINI PLAYERS children from 4 up to 11 y.o., TEENS CREATORS children from 12 y.o. and above εand τών TALENTED MAKERS teenagers interact, discover, collaborate and form teams guided by each one's different, unique talents!

Endless play, sports and fun on a journey into the authentic spirit of the Olympic Games and the imperishable values of the Olympism from its birth to the present day.

We await for you to the most interactive, innovative and fun Summer Camp of the city with:

  • Cultural visits to the Athens Olympic Museum  where children explore the history of the Olympic Games but also everything that brings us together through sports with experiential educational programs. Modern ways and means, exhibits that come to life in the imagination and become our own torch to unravel the merry-go-round of noble rivalry, as it was created in ancient Greece, returned to Athens in 2004 and travels to this day throughout the world uniting peoples, with the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris in the summer of 2024.
  • Sports activities at the facilities of O.A.K.A. "Spyros Louis"
  • Play, explore and learn at the XPLORE Entertainment Center
  • Emotional intelligence workshops
  • Educational programs, meetings with Olympians and raising awareness through the dynamics of sport, in collaboration with the "International Olympic Truce Center".
  • Activity program for the development of business thinking and youth entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the "Youth Entrepreneurship Association/Junior Achievement Greece, (SEN/JA Greece)".
  • Activity program aimed at promoting and rewarding recycling, in collaboration with "THE GREEN CITY" & the Region of Attica.

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Time Period: 17 June - 10 September, 2024

Daily Program: Καθημερινά 08.00 - 16.00

In cooperation with: Αεί Φέρειν 

Telephone: 210 6838728