Listen to Our Story

The «Listen to Our Story» initiative is a multisensorial exploratory experience, available to all and focuses on the equal inclusion of visitors with partial or total sight loss visiting the Museum with a companion.

Via the faculties of hearing and touch, the visitors may explore the History of the Games from the antiquity to the contemporary times, the prizes awarded to the champions, the Games of Athens 1896 and the construction of the Panathenaic Stadium, the emblematic Opening Ceremony of Athens 2004, the Olympic symbols and athletic equipment.

The tour features 30 stories among which are the descriptions of the exhibition halls and thematic sections, as well as selected museum exhibits. Along the floor, the tactile surface indicators mark the individual stories of the program and is accompanied by signage located to the right of each room’s entrance.

Each signage includes Braille text and QR codes that are located upon a relief square and provide access to the audio descriptions. The program’s duration is approximately two hours and includes audio descriptions and tactile representations that have been created to bring all visitors into contact with the history of sports and the Olympic Games.

The curated tour «Listen to our Story» is part of the Educational and Social Program «Agon, an Olympic Legacy» of Athens Olympic Museum, supported through an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

For more information on the Agon, an Olympic Legacy Program read here.