Educational Visit

Athens Olympic Museum

Athens Olympic Museum aspires to be a hub of Olympic Education, commemorates the essential link between Culture and Sport. Via a unique journey through the enthralling history of the Olympic Games, Athens Olympic Museum communicates the Principles of Olympism to the young generations, to introduce them to the athletes, the heroes of the Olympic Movement, inspires them, encourages them to take up sports.

The educational character of Athens Olympic Museum applies to all age groups. Thus, the Museum has already welcomed visitors of all ages not only from Greece, but from central Europe, as well as Asia and America, it has organized educational visits for schools, young athletes’ clubs, groups of unaccompanied minors, and it has hosted its first summer camp.

The educational role of Athens Olympic Museum evolves continuously; the Educational team of the Museum develops new content, toolkits, and activations, both inside and outside the museum space, creating new paths of access to the philosophy of Olympism, its history and values.