Museum Map

Athens Olympic Museum

Level 0

Explore the Permanent Exhibition

Athens Olympic Museum Map

01 - 04. The Olympic Games in Antiquity

05. The Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia

0.6 - 07. The Revival of the Olympic Games

08. Athens 1896

09. Period 1900 - 2002

10 - 11. Athens 2004

12. 2006 to date

13 - 14. The Modern 

A. Stairs to Level +1                      

B. Entrance / Exit

C. Reception                                   

D.  Lockers 

E. Exhibition Entrance

F. Stairs to the Store

G. Elevators 

H. Exit                                 

I. Events Gallery

Level 1

Discover a unique collection of items exclusively designed for the Athens Olympic Museum, in the Athens Museum's Store.

The Museum's Lounge becomes the new meeting point. It is decorated with original artworks of 2004, created by contemporary artists.

Athens Olympic Museum Map

01. Entrance / Exit

02. Museum Store


03. Lounge

04. Entrance / Exit

Level 2

The minimal and elegant Café & Restaurant ''1896'' is an excellent choice for coffee break or lunch, offering customers a magnificent panoramic view to the Athens Olympic Center of Athens ''Spiros Louis''.

Athens Olympic Museum Map

01. Entrance / Exit

02. Bar

03. Café Seating Area

04. Education Area

A. Stairs to the Museum Store

B. Elevators

C. Stairs to the Museum Store

D. Elevators